Georgia Roads - Bus. US 1, Waycross

Business US 1, Waycross

GA 520 is supposed to get unique green shields with "CORR. Z" written on top. That didn't happen on the overhead. This is the SB end of Business US 1.

Business US 1 SB turns several times from G St. to Screven Ave., which is where the last two photos are. That Business 1 shield looks like it dates to when it had Business 23 and 4 brothers, sorta like the next photo:

Based on current signs, this is no longer Business US 23, even though both endpoints of Business US 1 are at US 1/23. They're also at GA 4, but that's a given because GA 4 follows the length of US 1 (minus a short piece in Augusta), which is probably why Business GA 4 disappeared as well. Green means business, but usually you'll see that spelled out as well. These are NB on the south side of Waycrosss, courtesy J. P. Nasiatka.

US 84 EB/Business US 1 NB in Waycross, courtesy J. P. Nasiatka. Two things wrong here: the text inside the shields isn't the same color as the shields, and Georgia doesn't tend to use the green Business shields, but Waycross is consistent about violating these two rules. This was formerly also Business US 23, which no longer exists even though 1 and 23 proper are still multiplexed around the city.

Courtesy Lou Corsaro, up to standards for Maryland and probably several other states, even if Georgia typically just puts "BUS." inside a regular US shield and walks away.

Courtesy Lou Corsaro, yes, these are on the Business routes, and the last remnant (since removed) of when all three came this way. Because of the priority order in showing route shields, they always come out '1-2-3-4.' For that reason alone, I hope they come back someday.

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