Georgia Roads - Broad St., Augusta

Broad Street, Augusta

West across the 1845 Augusta Canal just after crossing 15th St.

WB and then back EB over a second bridge, also curiously the Augusta Canal. It looks like this western crossing is a reroute of the original canal, as it's longer and wider. Visit the Non-Roads link below for more photos of the old buildings to the north.

Broad St. briefly carries Business US 25, a stretch in which it also once carried US 1 and a piece of which may or may not be part of GA 28 (it ends up on Greene St. at some point, but sources differ as to where). The I-20 shield is at the aforementioned 15th St., the beginning of GA 104 and River Watch Pkwy. The next right turn on Greene St. is usually an even better way to get to I-20, but involves one railroad crossing that this routing avoids.

The magic handoff happens at 13th St. as Broad St. EB gains Bus. US 25 SB. If GDOT really wanted to save on signs, they could have gotten rid of the confusingly wrong NORTH and SOUTH. Otherwise, there's a lot more detail needed.

At 10th St.

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