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Covered Bridges

Poole's Mill Covered Bridge

This rural Forsyth County span dates to 1901. Photos start on the south side.

Walking across the span and looking west along Settingdown Creek at Poole's Mill Falls.

Closer investigation confirms that water is falling.

Back east and then back south.
Washington W. King Bridge

Heading south toward this 1891 bridge in Stone Mountain, moved from Athens in 1965 and repaired from storm damage.

This one is drivable (and the only access to a parking lot), so across I go.

Back west.
Haralson Mill Covered Bridge

Nothing remarkable about this modern (1997) span, except at least on the NB approach, the warning sign is framed in wood for context. May it live long enough to be considered old someday.
Euharlee Covered Bridge

All photos of this bridge are courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Traveling southeastward over the bridge, which is on that side of town on a nondescript county road.

Looking back northwest.

This would be the foundation of the old mill that the sign talked about.
Howard's Covered Bridge

Lastly, you can see this Oglethorpe County span dates to 1905. It's another one that must be walked.

Heading southeast, there are a scant few feet from the bridge approach to the truncated end of the old alignment of Smithonia Rd., now a driveway.

Back northwest to my car and bonus pier photos in Big Clouds Creek.
Concord Covered Bridge

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