Georgia Roads


GA 53 WB over the Chestatee River.

Below and to the right, two very different photos from John Krakoff. The horribly ugly US shield is in Hawkinsville, and the banner should only say TRUCK. The really awesome luggage is, well, at the Atlanta Airport.

US 1
Business US 1, Waycross
US 17
US 19
US 23
US 29
US 41
US 78, 78/278/GA 5
US 80
US 82
US 84
US 129
US 221
US 278, 78/278/GA 8
Old US 1/25/78/278
US 301
US 411
Business US 441/GA 385/Alt. GA 17

Broad Street, Augusta
Euharlee Covered Bridge
Truman Parkway, Savannah

Georgia Non-Roads
Misc. signs
I-24/I-59/US 11
I-575/GA 5

GA 6
GA 17
GA 20
GA 28
GA 104
GA 120
GA 141
GA 166
GA 204
GA Spur 204
GA 369
GA 372
GA 520

Courtesy J.T. Legg. Backstory: GA 85 was relocated back in the day, taking the road out of Warm Springs. A new alignment was built to compensate, GA 163, but Warm Springs wanted its 85 back, so GDOT gave it GA 85W and turned the relocated 85 into 85E. Come 1995, this was the last split (E/W or N/S) route left in Georgia, so 85E becamse 85 once more and 85W is now ALT GA 85, which is what you see here. So that's a W that was patched over.
Yes, GA has a GA 85 and an I-85. All GA roads have an internal SR number, and the posted number doesn't really matter (this is mostly relevant for US and I- routes).

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