Florida Roads - US 98

US 98 is numbered as an east-west highway, but is signed north-south up the body of Florida, until it can turn west along the panhandle. For example, traffic heading toward Fort Meade would have passed the top photo in 1974, even though they were really heading west at that point, because US 98 isn't done heading north up Florida. Photo courtesy Michael Summa.

Unique to Florida, found in Pensacola, courtesy J.P. Nasiatka.

My own WB Pensacola photos.

WB in Walton County, strangeness abounds. None of this can be FDOT-erected, but I know of no other way to get a speed limit sign on a US highway. The "C-" on the county route signs is a vestige of when secondary routes on Florida state route shields ("S-") were downgraded and hastily patched with the letter C to denote the change in maintenance. A lot of counties never figured that out and carry the C through to new signs. Based on what I see here of Walton County, I'm fairly safe in assuming that CR 83 was never a state highway and FL S-393 once intersected US 98 in the Panhandle.

Franklin CR 67, former FL 67, and probably former US 319, in Carrabelle (probably eastbound), courtesy Sean P. McCool. US 319 is the other shield that belongs here, but if FDOT ever finds this assembly, it will sooner tear down the colored US 98 shield than find a suitable US 319 shield. US 319 multiplexes with US 98 from about 10 miles to the northeast all the way southwest through Eastpoint, ending halfway along the bridge to Apalachicola. US 319 and US 98 are uselessly multiplexed for all that distance, and 319 ends at nothing remarkable, because until the 1950's, US 319 ended in Eastpoint and US 98 ended in Apalachicola, with only a ferry to connect them. Once the bridge was built, out of fairness, each route extended halfway, but then US 98 was extended to the end of this panhandle and all the way down the big one. Really, US 319 should just end where it first meets US 98, but that's up to Florida with approval from AASHTO.

US 98 EB in Perry, ready to meet its multiplex (now on the US 19 page), courtesy Michael Summa (but silly me never dated it). Look at the old font on the construction sign.

Broadway Ave. NB in Bartow FL, at what is now the intersection of these highways' business routes, courtesy J.P. Nasiatka. Yes, the colored (and incorrect) shields are still up, at least until someone reads this.


In Dade City, where US 98 and US 301 split for a second - US 98 goes right, US 301 goes left, they rejoin to the north. In fact, officially there is neither a Business nor a Truck route, merely suggested routes for either. Courtesy J.P. Nasiatka, as is the next multiplex photo.

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