Florida Roads - US 331

SB from US 90, which also has a couple of chipmunk shields. The Bruce Ave. photo does not do what I saw justice - for quite some approaching distance, the signal heads look like they're part of the overhanging poles, black on black.

The south side of the Choctawhatchee Bay, the hardest place in the pandhandle for a non-Floridian to spell. I should have turned left, because old US 319 sticks out into the bay as a fishing pier. Next time I'm down near Panama City, I'll be sure to head over there.

South of the bay, US 331 was undergoing dualization in February 2010. Based on the progress, it was probably open in February 2010. The last quarter-mile of line striping is about all that's left, maybe a last coat of pavement, and then plant some flowers along the side.

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