Florida Roads - US 319

The above photos of fading colored US 319 shields are on Franklin CR 370 WB, a dead-end by the Ochlockonee River, and are courtesy Costa Ioannidis. There are more 370's to the east off of Ochlockonee Bay, and one of those is the original FL S-370, so this has always just been a county road. Sadly, the shields are clearly marked Property of Fla. D.O.T., so there's no hope of rescuing them.

Former FL 67, now Franklin CR 67 in Carrabelle, EB (I think) at the useless (since 319 ends in the middle of a bridge) multiplex of US 98/319 with a missing old colored shield. FL 67 may have been an old alignment of US 319.

Winthrop Ave. NB in Sopchoppy courtesy Costa Ioannidis, where FL 375 used to begin at US 319/FL 377. Now, US 319 (shadowed by 377) cuts the southeast corner of the intersection, and FL 375 was turned over to Wakulla County. There isn't much length cut off by the realignment, but it's enough for this old assembly.

Wakulla CR 368 EB, Arran Highway at its end in Crawfordville, again courtesy Costa. This sign is gone now, which is okay because it's so faded the yellow is gone from inside the shield. I take that back, it's still not okay.

Shadeville Rd. WB in Crawfordville at the southern end of FL 369, but you're not supposed to know that. As Sean P. McCool, the contributor of this photo, relates, FL 369 is one of US 319's shadow routes. The contractor mixed up 369 with 319, probably because the contract was let for FL 369, meaning that at both ends of 369 it's signed as continuing along US 319, and there are no new contractor-erected US 319 shields like there should be.

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