Florida Roads - US 192

US 192

RIDOT strikes Florida, EB courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Shields not meant for three digits, especially digits as ugly and misaligned as these, NB on Main St. in Kissimmee courtesy J.P. Nasiatka. It's a good thing this street isn't maintained by FDOT anymore (it used to be US 17/92), or else I'd have some choice words for them.

US 192 EB/US 441 SB with a clearly repainted shield - but the 5 and the 2 were repainted over the old 5 and 2! A little thought could have saved a lot of money (patching one digit is cheaper than redoing the whole sign). This is courtesy J.P. Nasiatka also.

The east end of US 192 in Indialantic, taken in 1973 by Michael Summa. Notice the white distance sign in the background, a practice already starting to be phased out even before Michael knew about color film.

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