Florida Roads - US 17

Whatashield! It was taken near Punta Gorda in 1976 by Michael Summa; note the black shield outline and black letters unique to the yellow-background colored shields. The next three photos are southbound and courtesy J. P. Nasiatka.

On US 17 SB, where the two routes collide and 17 gets wiped out: NJ-style shields on the overheads and a down arrow instead of an up arrow.

This 2004 photo shows bridge widening of US 17 SB/US 98 SB in Bartow, crossing FL 60. US 17 has been four lanes on both sides of this two-lane overpass for many years.

Yes, that's FL 17 turning left from US 17 SB. Enough said.

All remaining photos are northbound and in the Jacksonville area. The next eight (through the US 1/17/90 sign) are courtesy Lou Corsaro.

3-digit Interstate, 2-digit shield.

Note that the right two lanes are through, while the left lane stops to allow turning traffic. Not knowing the area, I don't know if/when the lights above the right lanes turn red (perhaps this is a cross street).

Just to the north, all three lanes are through now, with double arrows instead of single arrows (why), and instead of a left turn signal there is a doghouse assembly. If this were New Jersey, there would be a red left arrow instead of this unprotected left, and you'd see traffic backed up on US 17.

This old black on white clearance is applied directly to Roosevelt Boulevard (now US 17), but is several inches above the minimum Interstate highway clearance - I guess back when it was applied, FDOT didn't know how tall trucks would eventually be.

3di-width shields for 2di's, apparently compensating for the I-295 photo.

Not button copy, just old signs what's now FL 211 NB, Riverside Ave. The first sign's still there, just with the US 17 and FL 228 patched, but the second one has been replaced. Both routes now jump on I-95 around downtown.

The abbreviated directions amuse me on Independent Dr. EB, the continuation of Water St. and thus the former US 17 NB mainline.

US 1/17 leave downtown on Main St. It's not the photo, it's you who's seeing double. Consult an optometrist post-haste.

Half a RIDOT shield is worse than none, especially because it's missing a left arrow to turn on Pecan Park Rd.

More miswidthed shields, courtesy Lou Corsaro, as Florida is about to end, but at least these can be blamed on temporarity (GA-FL bridge reconstruction, and there are more in Georgia - follow the link). Ooh, two neologisms in one sentence!

Across St. Mary's River into Georgia.

US 92 and US 17/92
US 441 and US 17/92/441

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