Florida Roads - Florida's Tpk.

Florida's Turnpike (secret SR 91)

All except the last two photos are courtesy Michael Summa and at least 20 years old.

Inside the Pompano Beach service area, 1984.

At the end of the Pompano Beach interchange ramp at FL 814, with old-font old-color scheme signs aplenty. There's a similar assembly from the same area on the 814 page (link below).

FL 704 WB at Florida's Turnpike outside West Palm Beach, 1983. By that time, Florida was definitely using white-on-green guide signs.

The end of the FL 70 exit ramp in 1974. This is part of the detour I-95 traffic followed from the Miami area north to Vero Beach; the I-95 freeway started again at FL 60. The way Florida wanted you to go was the Turnpike north to here, straight on Kings Highway to US 1, and then left on US 1 North to FL 60 West. See the I-95 page for more from this detour.

The longest distance between exits in the nation (about to get four miles shorter), but wait a minute, that's not Exit 60 anymore. In fact, it's Exit 193 now; Florida's Turnpike wasn't exactly numbered sequentially, but it was far from mile-based. Up to Yeehaw Junction, whose only claim to fame is this interchange, exits were numbered in increments of 4; north of it, they were numbered in increments of 5. Hey, at least that left room to add exits.

No longer from Michael Summa, northbound. There's just something off about the way this sign is aligned. Maybe I'd rather see all the route shields (and airport shield) together on one line, and some actual destinations on the other line instead of a redundant street name.

Northbound, courtesy J.P. Nasiatka, uncovering a secret shoulder pattern denoting exits and the formula to unlock your favorite conspiracy theory. Why spell out CR 535? Why even include CR 535 as a destination? How many people are asking, "How can I get to the nearest county-maintained road?" (It was the original southern terminus of FL 429, says Sean P. McCool.)

Florida's Turnpike Homestead Extension, FL 821

Onto FL 814
To US 1
Exit 60 or 254 to US 441 and 17/92/441
Onto FL 70
To I-95
Exit 60 to FL 60
Exit 254 to US 17 alone
Exit 254 to US 92 and 17/92
Exit 254 to FL 528
Exit 265 to FL 408
Exit 267A to FL 429
Exit 267A to CR 535
Exit 267B to FL 50
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