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Misc. Routes

FL 24 SB in Cedar Key, which is its southern end and is far from the rest of the state highway system, courtesy Sean P. McCool. Considering that this is a developed Gulf Coast town, it's an odd place for a Wayside Park, as opposed to a regular ol' town park.

FL and CR 54 are the same road, and this TEMPORARY may be permanent. Photo courtesy J.P. Nasiatka. See the US 301 page.

Courtesy SPUI (Dan Moraseski) and still standing in Webster in 2005. Click for closeup.

SW 107 Ave., Miami, in winter 1984 when it was still a two-lane road, courtesy Averill Hecht. The sidewalks have been moved all the way back, lawns cut in half, for the upcoming widening that would transform it into a 4/5 lane arterial.

New signs on FL 589 NB, courtesy J.P. Nasiatka, are not all they're cracked up to be. Hillsborough Ave. is FL 580, for one. Also, there is no Independence Memorial, but you do get to choose between Independence Pkwy. and Memorial Hwy. Couldn't FDOT have fit all of the Exit 2B information on one cohesive sign, or do they enjoy playing with aesthetics more than they ought?

Long before the Suncoast Parkway was built, this road was indeed FL 589, but now is FL 568. Taken on FL 597 SB by J.P. Nasiatka.

The Beeline Highway, not the Bee Line Expressway, runs from Okeechobee to West Palm Beach as FL 710. This wrong-colored but historic assembly is EB.

Collier CR 951 SB, which I assume was former FL 951. This isn't just panther crossing, this is panther traffic. I wonder who has the right of way? Are the cross-street signals timed to allow panthers to make left turns? How do panthers make left turns? Any way they want to...

The remaining photos are historical and courtesy Michael Summa. The year at the end of each caption is when each photo was taken.

Euphemism for Rest Area, found on two-lane roads around Florida and non-reflective. 1982.

La Belle, south of FL 78, 1983.

Pasco CR 575 heading east from CR 41 in Blanton, and then much newer and uglier one-piece signs heading the other way. 1984.

Two secondary state routes for your enjoyment, since they've been gone for almost thirty years now. Others are floating around my Florida pages. First photo taken in 1973, just after FDOT stopped being the State Highway Department, and second photo taken in 1974, just east of I-75 heading toward Belleview.

FL 776's eastbound beginning in Englewood, where Beach Rd. comes in from Manasota Key in the Gulf of Mexico. 1975.

Southeast of Clewiston, 1982.

Collier CR 951 SB, which I assume was once FL 951. This isn't just panther crossing, this is panther traffic. Who has the right of way? Are the cross-street signals timed to allow panthers to make left turns? How do panthers make left turns at all? Any way they want to...
Remaining photos are courtesy Costa Ioannidis. Whenever you see "C-###", and the C is patched on the sign with "COUNTY" below, that was a former state secondary route, intended to be constructed and reconstructed by the state but otherwise maintained by the county. That didn't last too long before the routes were given to the counties outright and thus all the signs were patched over. Many counties, especially along the Panhandle, still haven't gotten around to replacing them. If you see a state-standard shield with or without a tiny "C" sticker but no hyphen, and also with "COUNTY" below, then that was a former state primary route, which was a lot rarer to see given back to the counties.

Costa says that this is Alachua CR 121A SB in La Crosse, at what is now a duplex including FL 235. However, there is no Alachua CR 121A. This could in fact be Spring Dr. NW, which is the only through street intersecting the short duplex, or it could be somewhere else entirely. Sorry to start off the page with such confusion.

Bay CR 2314, Game Farm Rd. in Panama City, WB at FL 389. The block or two straight ahead to US 231 are now one-way EB only, probably to simplify the intersection with the divided US Highway. Turn right and then left to get back to Game Farm Rd.

Both in Bradford County, the first is northwest of Starke at former FL 16 and the second is from CR 230A NB, which was probably once S-230A because most suffixed routes were secondaries, especially the three-digit ones.

Columbia CR 245, SE of Lake City.

Flagler CR 304 heading east at and past FL 11. The shields are old enough, but former S-304 throws in a vintage 30-40 year old white guide sign!

Gadsden CR 269 at the I-10 overpass. All of the county routes are SUPPOSED to have "C" stickers on them, but many former primary routes don't.

Gilchrist CR 319.

Continuing the alphabetical-by-county order of the page, Gulf CR 386 south of FL 71.

Bridge St., La Belle (Hendry Co.), paralleling FL 29 one block to the east south of FL 80. I believe this is SB, since it looks like FL 29 is to the right in the uncropped photo. North of FL 80, Bridge St. is 29 itself, and it merges back in to the south, so it makes more sense to use Bridge St. if you're through traffic and not just a truck, but there must be more development centered around FL 29.

Jackson CR 193 NB, and then over to Sneads in that same county.

Jefferson CR 259 in Wacissa, east of Tallahassee, direction for either photo unknown. FL 59 is not CR 59 here, and I don't know if it ever was or if the state got a little zealous in labelling shields to be decommissioned.

In the heart of Leon County, FL 373 WB at FL 363. FL 263 is in this same city, but is a loop around the western side known as Capitol Circle, so this is an error. Have you figured out what city this photo is in?

Liberty CR 271 NB, continuing from Jackson County above, at CR 270. Clearly FDOT completely forgot about this sign, because it doesn't even have the "COUNTY" sticker on it, let alone the patch over the "S".

From Madison County: west of US 221 north of Greenville, rare county route duplex (even rare when they were secondary routes), very rare and aging white guide sign on CR 150 EB at FL 145, and CR 591 heading north from Madison itself.

Nassau County.

Santa Rosa CR 182 EB.

All in Taylor County. The first (CR 14A) is heading west from CR 14, which was former FL 14.

CR 245 NB; when this was a secondary highway, it multiplexed with FL 238, instead of lamely skipping over the state highway now. Continue north on CR 245 to get to the Columbia County photo above.

All in Walton County. The first is indeed still a state highway, and does indeed provide an alternate route to FL 2.

Washington County.
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