Florida Roads - I-75/old FL 84

and former FL 84

The above photo courtesy J.P. Nasiatka is on FL 56 WB crossing I-75, and should have a SOUTH above that shield.

Eastbound in 1975 at the very beginning of Alligator Alley, courtesy Michael Summa. Alligator Alley was a two-lane road at that time with at-grade intersections, and was therefore not an Interstate yet (nor had it been planned to be). It was FL 84, a road that still exists (and is linked at bottom) but to a much shorter degree.

Westbound in 1973 along the middle of the Alley, again courtesy Michael Summa. The second photo is at FL 29, and the old black-on-white sign reads Immokalee [left] 19 and Everglades [right] 21.

Older SB signs with partially cutout state route shields, courtesy Costa Ioannidis.

A new shield does not fit on an old assembly, on the SB Exit 207 ramp. Obviously, Bee Ridge Rd. used to carry FL 758 eastward as well.

Continuing southward with some more old signs, this time my own photos. If you couldn't tell, the third photo is on the ramp (to Exit 141).

One more SB sign just north of there. On other signs, FDOT just replaced the exit tab, but this sign required a patch over the old sequential interchange numbering when Florida switched to mile-based.

Approaching Exit 314, where CR 476 now uses the overpass and has ever since the decommissioning of the 1980's. I don't blame FDOT for missing this one puny overhead sign in the gigantic re-signing effort across the state.

The end of the northbound I-75 offramp, south of Lake City, taken in 1974 by Michael Summa. Even then, this amount of colored US shields was gratuitous, but it's a great way to end the page.

Sorry to ruin the end of the page, but J.P. Nasiatka submitted a photo north of the previous one with a NJ-style shield, heading NB toward Georgia (which is where Valdosta is, which should be indicated on the sign).

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