Florida Roads - I-595/FL 84

and I-595/FL 84

The future ramp from FL 817 SB flies overhead to join I-595 EB, paired with a future NB-WB ramp. Most movements are made via the I-595 frontage roads, which happen to be FL 84 (similar to how NJ 124 is the frontage roads for NJ 24).

Part of the construction will untangle EB Exit 7 to fly over the entrance from Exit 5, instead of the former mainline weave between the exits.

The sun does awesome things as I watch the future EB Exit 8 ramp to Florida's Turnpike NB rise out of the median. The pillars continue because this isn't your typical ramp, it's actually a connector from a reversible toll roadway to run in the median of I-595 from its western I-75 end to just shy of I-95.

And these little pillars went to market, where the market is down Florida's Tpk. SB.

WB signage at the same interchange, back in 1978 before I-595 existed, courtesy Michael Summa. This was also before I-75 existed, so FL 84 was the road west from Fort Lauderdale all the way to Naples.

A colorful interchange at I-95, as I head from I-595 WB onto the I-95 NB ramp.

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