Florida Roads - I-4

All photos courtesy J.P. Nasiatka.

There are two things wrong with this photo, and no, it has nothing to do with FDOT using California/Pennsylvania advance exit signage. How about misaligned mileage numbers (the most glaring being the two 3's for the same exit - hey way to waste 20% of a sign)? The second is less obvious, but if you know your geography, you'll realize there's no Strawberry Festival, Florida. There is a strawberry festival in Plant City, though, and each year this temporary greenout appears to help visitors find it. Click for the fruit-less version of this westbound sign.

Westbound at Exit 28, which was never Old 16. Exit 28 itself was originally Exit 16, but back then it was eastbound only. By the time the westbound exit opened, the renumbering was complete. Still, probably better to sign it this way to avoid any possible confusion.

Old WB sign - note recent renumbering, as well as a CR shield type similar to that of NJ. Many Florida county routes have the same number as state routes to which they connect. Once upon a time, there were secondary routes to serve the function of state route continuity without state maintenance, but only a couple of shields remain from the S- era.

The reminder of exit numbers past brings up a strange numeration practice, where 26C and 26D give way westbound to 25B. This is why Florida gave up on sequential numbers.

Can't eradicate RIDOT influence if I can't figure out where the shields are.

The WB Exit 79 ramp in Orange County, at an interchange currently under construction. So this shield is only temporary, but intrigues nonetheless - given the penchant for some states like New Jersey to eliminate the county name from its newer shields, maybe the direction could replace it instead?

At the bottom of that ramp, more interesting construction signs. Gee, didn't know there was a US 423, especially here in Florida. To prove that it's not just photo fuzziness, click for a closeup of the sign on the right. Didn't even put the direction in the right place...

This WB photo was taken when the sign replacement crews quit for the day - in mid-assembly! The one eastbound exit for Kaley Ave. is Exit 81 B-C; 35 A-B gained a letter because Exit 81A was 34 back in the days of sequential exit numbering.

This is news to me - I didn't know the East-West Expressway was a former designation (it's not). Taken exiting the Citrus Bowl.

On the EB Exit 82A ramp to FL 408. The other side of the ramp now only connects from FL 408 EB to I-4 WB, but the closed part you see here once led to I-4 EB. It's been closed to eliminate a weave with the following Exit 82B.

Cute outline shields, EB.

Unnecessarily expensive pedestrian bridge at the gateway to Sanford (if ever it had one), EB.

The end of I-4 EB at I-95; since I-95 is the technical terminus, it doesn't get exit numbers, but the straight-through FL 400 for some reason does.

Exit 28 to US 92, Exit 90A to US 17/92
Exit 65 to Osceola Pkwy.
Exit 79 to CR 423
(Exit 82A) to FL 408
Exit 90A to US 17 alone
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