Florida Roads - I-275

All photos are southbound unless I say otherwise. Click here for the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

Photos like the one atop the page are why I believe my I-275 shield came from Florida.

NB traffic has shifted to a new roadway between downtown Tampa and US 92 (Dale Mabry Blvd.), courtesy J.P. Nasiatka. I'm sure the old NB roadway will be used for some SB capacity, because now (and until maybe 2014) there's all that empty capacity right next to the SB side. That can't last.

George J. Bean Pkwy. leaving Tampa International Airport. Covered, and hopefully looking better, are probably FL 60 and FL 616 shields.

Michael Summa took this photo in 1975 on the northbound side of the Howard Franklin Bridge, I-275 connecting St. Petersburg to Tampa, waiting to be erected on the far side of the bridge.

One more northbound Howard Franklin Bridge photo, with Tampa in the background.

Heading across the Franklin Bridge to St. Petersburg.

Looking west into Old Tampa Bay.

Back onto land, the exit for FL 688 (not former 688, so the shield should be in that great big blank space) and a genericly helpful sign. It's FDOT's My Tampa Bay Interstates website, so I guess it is in fact Interstate Info, but it looks a lot better when they put the number into the shield for each road.

Dipping into the button copy well, almost unheard of in this state. Sadly, it's clear that the FL 682 shield has been replaced on the last BGS, and so has any destination that would let FDOT save face. "I live in St. Pete, bitch!" The I-275 pull-through sign should also have US 19 there.

Two more 2-digit-width signs flank the roadway just before the Sunshine Skyway Bridge begins. The sign on the left has a much older directional banner and is designed to an older spec. It could date to when I-275 was designated along this roadway. (Before it was extended across the Franklin Bridge, I-275 was I-75 down to the I-4 junction and then 4 west into Tampa.)

Continue south on the Sunshine Skyway with US 19

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