Florida Roads - I-195

On either side, I-195 turns into FL 112. To the west, it's the Airport Expwy., so I'm surprised that wasn't made part of I-195 as well. All photos below are westbound.

In just two photos I've encapsulated the entire Julia Tuttle Causeway. The first photo shows a clear trend by FDOT to put all its Interstates in narrow shields, and the second is an older sign pointing to I-95 NB (Florida's Turnpike begins a few miles to the north, although the Homestead Extension (FL 821) is best reached by continuing west).

While stuck in traffic between the "TO" and the 95, enjoy the Miami skyline.

Traffic continuing straight has to deal not only with a left lane closure, but an ugly FL 112 shield. You'd think that would make them want to go faster.

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