Florida Roads - FL 878

FL 878, Snapper Creek Expwy.

Sadly, FL 878 does not run next to the Caloosahatchie River. But I could see Snapper Creek becoming my second favorite name. All photos taken westbound.

The Miami-Dade Expressway Authority is a toll agency, but this is a free road. Their solution was to use a Toll-style shield without the word "TOLL" written inside. I say there are enough shields around Florida already without adding hybrids to the mix. Because you're not paying them tolls, MDX feels the need to brand themselves whenever possible to remind you that you could be paying them money, so next time pick a different road of theirs. I wonder how the Florida's Turnpike Enterprise takes all the competition from Florida's many toll agencies.

Between those two shields are these two milemarkers. I could get spoiled on this style, except they should be green and not blue.

The first photo is the only older-style shield I saw on the Expressway - newer ones encapsulate the entire state outline in a rectangle like in the second photo. That newer sign does it all wrong - forgetting the period after Pkwy, forgetting not to capitalize the entire sign, and forgetting that you don't mix route numbers and street names - pick one or the other, then give a destination so that people have actual useful information to go by. By the time you get to the FL 990 exit, you've merged into FL 874. I wrote that page's captions just after this page and the photos form a progression, so click the link below to continue!

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