Florida Roads - FL 874

FL 874, Don Shula Expwy.

Miami sure likes its football. This and the Dolphin Expressway have been named after them for a generation. All photos are southbound, picking up where FL 878 joins the highway.

The first photo is across the gantry from the last one on the 878 page (linked at bottom) with the same problem - everything is in capital letters with no destination shown. TURNPIKE doesn't cut it. The second photo is a rare set of old signs (rare on toll roads, anyway) showing two different ways of outlining the sign above the EXIT ONLY tab. Trouble is, there's supposed to be no outline there at all.

These old signs look so nice, they repeated it twice! (These are on the same overpass.)

Same neat style of milemarker seen on FL 878, and so far I've only seen them on Miami-Dade Expressway Authority roads. I hope more state agencies pick them up.

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