Florida Roads - FL/CR 867

FL/CR 867, McGregor Blvd./Sanibel Causeway

This is one road under two jurisdictions. FDOT maintains the route up until it hits FL 865, San Carlos Blvd. In a curious twist, 865 also loses its state designation at that point. County highways continue west and east as CR 867 toward Sanibel Island and CR 865 toward Fort Myers on Gladiolus Drive.

FL 867 NB where it ends at the southern end of Business US 41, the western end of FL 82, and US 41 passing overhead, first in 1973 with colored shields and then in 1975, both courtesy Michael Summa. My, how the signs changed in just two years. Instead of the dual KEEP signs, one two-arrowed yellow diamond would have sufficed.

Any tourist who has been to Fort Myers has likely been on FL 867 to see these attractions. I just came for the signs.

Okay, and a few photos of the Edison winter home, here on the southern bank of the Caloosahatchie River. It's my favorite river in the state. Caloosahatchie.

Much more modest is the Ford winter home just to the west, also on the north side of FL 867 and the south side of the Caloosahatchie.

This is the entrance to the Edison Park neighborhood just to the south of the estates. Sadly, it is on the opposite side of the Caloosahatchie, so I won't be able to talk about the Caloosahatchie in this caption. A curious fact is that the entrance to Edison Park (seen here) is Llewelyn Drive. Edison's West Orange, NJ home next to his famous factory (now tourable) was in a neighborhood known as Llewellyn Park even before he moved there. I cannot for a second think this mere coincidence.

This old sign is on CR 867, where McGregor Blvd. makes one last turn before the Sanibel Causeway.

Leaving the tollbooth and heading south toward Sanibel Island. Drive the causeway bridge by clicking the video.

Continuing south on the Causeway and looking east toward the Sanibel lighthouse (far left, last photo).

Heading back north to the mainland, with views west and east in the second and third photos. This is San Carlos Bay, into which the Caloosahatchie River empties. There, got it in one more time.

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