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FL 84

FL 84 is the old Alligator Alley, but once that highway was dualized and grade-separated it became an extension of I-75, and FL 84 was left in two pieces - east of I-595, and as a surface street alongside I-595 and I-75 to US 27.

The dead end that was once the beginning of the Alligator Alley in Naples. FL 84 ends just behind the camera at this traffic light. Traffic must turn left on Collier CR 951 to get to I-75 to continue onto the now-dualized highway.

The 1968 "hep cat" trailblazer, courtesy Frank White.

Westbound in 1978 courtesy Michael Summa along what is now I-595 but was then just a continuation of Alligator Alley and thus bore the same number.

Looking east as FL 84 leaves I-595 construction and back west at the left ramp that will come in from Florida's Tpk.

Continuing EB to the end of FL 84, with the last two photos on the same gantry. SE 24th St. continues a few more blocks to the waterfront from here. Problems: the glaring use of NJDOT black shield backgrounds, the failure to use mixed case for destinations, and something about those fonts. 17'-3" is a bit high to sign for clearance, considering trucks never go above 16' high unless they're carrying space shuttles or the like, but then again how often do you see a clearance sign on a gantry?

FL 84 WB begins, courtesy J.P. Nasiatka. This sign looks like button copy, with an obvious patch of a new FL 84 shield for no good reason, and it appears to equate I-95 to Florida's Turnpike. Maybe when the sign was fabricated, I-95 was not yet complete.

I-595 and FL 84/I-595
I-75 and former FL 84 (Alligator Alley)

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