Florida Roads - FL 836

Dolphin Expressway

This route forms a continuous freeway with I-395 to the east into downtown Miami. The above photo was taken in June 1979 by Averill Hecht.

Starting eastbound from Florida's Turnpike Homestead Extension (FL 821), which used to be the beginning of FL 836 until it was extended westward, up to an older sign. Now, this is just a ramp from the Turnpike.

Eastbound at LeJeune Rd./42nd Ave. (FL 953) at a sort of double-trumpet interchange (look at an online map of your choice) and northbound on 27th Ave., FL 9. FL 9 ghosts I-95 up the Florida coast starting a couple of miles north of here. Both photos courtesy Averill Hecht and date to June 1979.

Traffic was getting heavy, so I bailed out of FL 826 just before it became I-395 (with a bubble shield) and took the 17th Ave. exit. For some reason that exit has a sign pointing back toward FL 826 EB where the ramp loops underneath 826 to get to 17th Ave. Yes, it's an alternate surface route, but by the time you get back to the freeway to Miami Beach, you're at I-395. The funky-looking detour sign is on 17th Ave. and just reinforces that wrong-headedness.

A view of the FL 836/I-395/I-95 stack interchange from 14th St.

Two more views of the stack, courtesy Averill Hecht and again from June 1979.

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