Florida Roads - FL 826

FL 826, Palmetto Expressway

All of my photos are northbound.

The mainline photo shows you how to identify an old sign (look at the shields), and in the second photo on the ramp with more old signs, you see that the FL 826/836 interchange is missing a movement. NB-WB is in fact the only ramp not present at the interchange; not that it would be high-demand, but there's no place to put it anyway.

One way to fix that is reconstruction. In October 2012, there's construction all the way back to the next interchange south, which is where the FL 836 ramps will start. WB-SB and EB-NB ramps are going up overhead, and there will be more, as eventually this will turn into a four-level stack with all movements provided.

The EB-NB ramp swoops down from overhead, while columns go up to the left for the future SB ramps to FL 836.

Airborne look at the Palmetto Expressway (FL 826) in Miami, perhaps at NW 36th St. (FL 948), taken in June 1979 by Averill Hecht. All I know is now, there are no perfect cloverleaves on the freeway, and FL 948 is one of the only locations there could ever have been one.

A new-looking sign with old-looking directional banners and a very confusing layout. As if West and East weren't useless enough in this context, there isn't even a FL 948 WB from this point.

Delightful confusion on the US 27 ramp. Anytime you name a street after something with a cardinal direction, be very careful how you sign that street.

Any time you have more than four routes in one interchange (all those shown plus FL 9), be very careful how you sign those routes. In the first photo, go ahead and tell me which routes go in which directions. Correct response: only those routes with cardinal directions overhead. My rebuttal - so why sign US 441 twice and I-95/Florida's Turnpike only once? It's way too easy to get confused, so FDOT messed up. In the second photo, FDOT is trying to cover up for its slipup, but should have completely removed the US shields beneath. Are those US 95 errors? Did US 1 get involved by accident? The world may never know. FL 826 turns east here and continues toward the beach as a surface street.

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