Florida Roads - FL 64/Holmes Beach 789

FL 64 and Holmes Beach City Route 789

All photos except the first one are courtesy Lou Corsaro.

FL 64 WB ends not at FL 789, but at the former state highway that's now designated a City Route, probably because the number is ingrained in the minds of Holmes Beach residents and visitors. On the other hand, online sources suggest this is a Manatee County route, despite the signage. Whatever the reason, here's how it's signed, first photo courtesy Costa Ioannidis. Also note that it doesn't go left/south from FL 64, because the two 789s are de facto connected by 64.

I would hazard a guess that this sign at the end of City Route 789 SB was erected when this was still a state highway. The FL 64 shield dates to January 25, 1966 (upside-down), and the left arrow dates to May 10, 1970, while most defunct state highways survived until several years later than that. Click on the first photo for a closeup of these dandies.

The SW corner of the intersection appropriately signs the beginning of FL 64, though horizontally instead of vertically.

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