Florida Roads - FL/CR 535

FL and CR 535

All photos after the first one are courtesy J.P. Nasiatka and are from north to south.

One of the branches of FL 535, a rare suffixed route not converted to a Secondary in the early 1970's, sits among a sample of FDOT shields in this historical photo from Michael Summa. The C-COUNTY shield is a patched S shield.

This SB sign says it all. Many of Florida's downloaded state routes, which as you see above began with "C-", became C### inside county shields. But this is the only example I've seen where the "R" for Route/Road got in there as well.

Double-bonus: the CR 435 shield is old, and this sign assembly is actually on CR 535 SB. It does become FL 535 at this turn, but oddly the maintenance situation was the exact opposite years ago. This is where 535 SB turns just north of I-4 in Lake Buena Vista. I'm not sure the state erected the shield even though it's on county property, because the numerals are so off and the shield hasn't been stretched to fill the boundary it's given by the sign.

FL 535 NB with the Osceola Pkwy., CR 522 passing overhead. This is a backlit sign that hasn't been lit for many years, according to J.P., and seems to be there for no good reason as opposed to a conventionally lit sign - or (gasp) a reflective sign.

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