Florida Roads - FL/CR 527

FL and CR 527

What was then FL 527 SB in Kissimmee, courtesy Michael Summa and dating to 1983. You know it's historical, besides the appearance of the colored shields, because since the Osceola Parkway opened, Orange Ave. now ends there, and what's now CR 527 ends with it. Back when these signs were put up, FL 527 (state highway, still not yet downloaded to the county) flowed straight from Orange Ave. into Old Dixie Highway, which is now the next intersection west on Osceola. Old Dixie used to curve in a through alignment where it now jogs a block west on Donegan Ave., and then ends at these photos to the south.

First of all, this is CR 527, not 527A (and it's on State Road 527, but I'll let that slide because the state-maintained highway ends here at FL 482). CR 527A begins a mile to the south, and heads west on Landstreet Rd., while CR 527 continues down Orange Ave. toward the previous two photos. Second of all, would it kill someone to put in arrows? The overhead signs in the background have them, and that's the only way this assembly can make sense. Third of all, while the state shield overheads are just stretched versions of the state shield, the county overhead doesn't go for a fully yellow sign, but instead a blue one. It's an odd effect, and maybe just plain white would work better. Courtesy J.P. Nasiatka.

NB courtesy J.P. Nasiatka. He'd like me to tell you that US 17/92 are also on the crossing highway. Maybe when FDOT gets around to flipping the order of the assembly to be correct, they can add the missing ones in. Oh, who am I kidding?

From what I can tell, this is FL 527 SB/N. Orange Ave. at N. Garland Ave. and Legion Place in Orlando. The state-name I-4 shield in the background takes traffic on a little bit of a shortcut (maybe 200 feet saved all told) down Garland instead of staying on 527. Oh, don't try to verify the location, as this was taken in 1971 by Michael Summa.

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