Florida Roads - FL 408

FL 408, East-West Expressway

CR 526 WB at FL 435, courtesy J.P. Nasiatka. As I've said before, all roads lead to toll roads in Florida.

Courtesy J.P. Nasiatka at one of the Citrus Bowl exits. If you couldn't tell by the title of this page, FL 408 was not only formerly the East-West Expwy., but it currently is and stands to be for years in the future (albeit preceded by someone else's name).

I would guess these are on Lake Underhill Rd. EB at FL 436, with the East-West Expressway (FL 408) just to the left. They are courtesy Averill Hecht, and were taken in August 1986. Click on either side for a different closeup.

Facing northwest toward downtown Orlando. FL 408 cuts across the photo from right to left (east to west) and meets I-4 at the edge of downtown. I-4 is pointing north-south here (but of course signed east-west). In this photo, from bottom to top along the left side: Lakes Davis, Cherokee, and Lucerne.

Now directly above FL 408 and facing west across Lake Underhill, east of the previous photo. Exit 13 is in the foreground (bottom) and exit 12 is in the background (top). An executive airport is just north of the lake.

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