Florida Roads - FL 115/Alt. US 90

FL 115 and Alternate US 90, Mathews Bridge

FL 115 and Alt. US 90 EB crossing the Mathews Bridge to the Arlington Expressway (in the background) in Jacksonville, last photo courtesy Costa Ioannidis. At the end of the rusty truss was an outlined BGS shield, an older style, but sadly gone when I got there in 2012.

Looking south at the Hart Bridge, carrying FL 228 and Alternate US 1.

Looking over my sunroof back west at the bridge I just crossed.

Just because I said this is also an Alt. US 90 page, have a 1976 Michael Summa photo east of where it leaves FL 115.

Onto Alt. US 1 and FL 115/Alt. US 1
Onto regular US 90

Over to FL 228 (and Alt. US 1), Hart Bridge
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