Florida Roads - John Young Pkwy. (Orange CR 423/Osceola CR 531A)

John Young Parkway
Orange CR 423 and Osceola CR 531A

All photos courtesy J.P. Nasiatka.

How many Floridas are there? On CR 531A NB at Osceola Parkway in Kissimmee, theres an apostrophe missing.

More recent SB photos showing a new overpass for John Young Pkwy. over Osceola Pkwy. There will be a SPUI interchange coming down and intersecting Osceola, and construction has apparently progressed quite a bit since these photos because a complete overpass with approaches can be seen in new aerial photos.

FL 417 NB in Orange County, missing an Exit 10 tab for John Young Parkway exit and a US 92 shield (looks like there had been one in the middle) for Exit 11.

Sent to me via Adam Prince, this Hurricane Charley-damaged sign was still on CR 423 SB two years later, in 2006. It was one of the last signs around to not have a TOLL 528 shield, because it's just that old.

It should be easy to deduce, but these are on McLeod Rd. EB just north of I-4. Clearly these overhead signs were erected at two different times. The designer on the right was reasonably competent - shield has the correct proportions, letters fill the sign nicely, plenty of space between I-4 East and West. Use those comments to critique the designer on the left.

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