Florida Roads - Holmes/Walton CR 185

Holmes/Walton (former FL S-185)

All photos are SB.

Holmes County is the lazy one, at least compared to Walton County, and I like it that way. All of these are at least 30 years old, when C-185 was S-185 and there were no stickers on that shield. And you could read the other shields, too. I wonder if the LWS actually dates to the state highway days or if it was erected back when the county took over - its condition is sure better than those state signs.

Now into Walton County. They've replaced all of the old state highway shields with these shiny new ones, but decided to retain the best aspect of them - the Florida shape - while upgrading the quality of the font (no longer stickied on) and bringing that classy green color. I'm never a fan of replacing old signs, but this is the best way to do it.

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