Florida Roads - Bus. US 1/FL A1A

Above: Courtesy J. P. Nasiatka; I much prefer "Business" to "Bus," which looks like the contractor was running low on paint at the moment. FL A1A makes for an interesting multiplex that shows just how intertwined the Route 1's (US and A1A) are.

King St. EB, the beginning of Business US 1 NB, across the San Sebastian River. It looks like "4-28" is stamped into the northwest abutment, which I'm guessing is the bridge number. This bridge originally carried the US 1 mainline as part of the Dixie Highway.

SB (west) back over the bridge, with a much clearer inscription.

You'd think that if heading south requires me to bear left, this would be on Business US 1 SB, perhaps also with FL A1A. Actually, this is the end of King St., so Bus. US 1 NB is still heading east. The Bridge of Lions, carrying FL A1A SB to Anastasia Island, is also oriented east-west, and happens to be a short block to the north. There's a channelized right turn onto the bridge, hence the angled arrow. By the way, nice job on the state shield, Ale Works.

A brief one-way pair means that Business US 1 SB uses Cathedral Pl. to head west from FL A1A. It jogs left using Cordova St., which affords an opportunity for a left turn back onto Bus. US 1 NB (hence dual signage when you're heading SB). Noah is just to the north at the Public Arking.

Florida's standard scenic logo, SB and NB courtesy J. P. Nasiatka. The next photo is also J. P.'s.

The blue sign is the main attraction, but the shields really aren't that great when you think about it, even if that's all you've seen on this page. The tiny BUSINESS lettering is hard to read and easy to miss, and the narrow A1A lettering is two sizes too small.

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