Florida Roads - Alt. US 1/FL 115

Alternate US 1 and Alt. US 1/FL 115 - M.L.K., Jr. Parkway

All photos are southbound except for the next one.

SB on the southeast side of Jacksonville in 1976, courtesy Michael Summa. Florida colored its shields until around 1990, but almost all have since been removed.

Not a novel kind of bridge, just port cranes from far away.

Massive construction on the east-west freeway section to tie it directly into 21st St. and speed people to aforementioned port instead of requiring turns at Phoenix Ave.

FL 115 SB leaves on its own bridge. I'm not in principle opposed to any of the signing practices here, but a lot is nonstandard.

The long ramps carrying Alt. US 1 to the Hart Bridge (FL 228) were designed for two lanes, but now only striped for one. I'm guessing there's just not a lot of demand for Hart Bridge traffic that isn't tied to downtown.

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