Delaware Roads - US/DE 202

US 202 and DE 202

Switch the numbers and the shields are correct. DE 202 is up in Wilmington, and US 141 is nowhere near here.

Southbound on I-95 with US 202. US 202 used to follow what is now DE 202 (really, they couldn't pick a different number?), ending at US 13, but I guess Delaware wanted to reroute US 202 away from Wilmington but still over to a place where it can again meet 13. Of course, now it only does so via extensive multiplexes with I-95 and DE 141, and then ends while 141 continues on alone. To see my take on everything that's wrong or weird with these signs, head over the I-95 page, linked below.

As I told you, US 202 doesn't end here, so remove half of that assembly. MUST EXIT is Delaware's way of saying EXIT ONLY. These are on Concord Pike SB through the I-95 interchange.

Southbound on DE 202 with signs that easily date to when it was US 202. The first is at a seven-way intersection with a really long wait for the signal to turn green, Harrison St. at Baynard Blvd. at Concord Ave. at 25th St. The second photo is the original intersection of US 202 and US 13, missing a 13 shield and a left arrow. You know, that's a good idea - Business 202.

Something interesting heading south from Pennsylvania (on the NB side). I still don't want to eat there.

Something interesting heading north. There are very few of these signs left.

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