Delaware Roads - I-95 - DE 1/DE 7 interchange

I-95 Exit 4 (DE 1/7) construction

In 2011-2012 (these were taken right as one became the next), a new ramp was under construction from DE 1 NB to I-95 NB. Now open, it brings in two lanes on the right instead of one, opening up capacity from there north toward I-295/I-495.

A new ramp was open in 2013, replacing the I-95 NB cloverloop to DE 1/7 NB with a flyover. To its right, the future I-95 SB 2-lane ramp to DE 1 SB is nearly complete.

A few minutes later, I rejoined I-95 NB from the DE 1/7 SB loop ramp and headed under the still-incomplete main roadways: I-95 SB to DE 1 SB, DE 1 NB to I-95 NB. Due to the tight geometry imposed by the mall, a left entrance onto I-95 gives the latter ramp the best radius, which you can see in the last 2 photos, at the cost of a non-standard configuration. There's also a right-side merge here from Christiana Mall and to make it easier for DE 1 traffic heading to I-295 (a.k.a. New Jerseyans at the Delaware/Ocean City MD shore).

SB through the single most important part of the construction, the new flyover exit to DE 1 SB. This untangles the original cloverleaf, which became choked with shore-bound traffic trying to get off of I-95 and squeeze over through DE 1 NB to I-95 SB traffic. What makes this a problem is Christiana Mall just to the south, though it doesn't help to have more traffic than a single-lane loop ramp can handle. Photos switch between 2012 and 2011, but not much happened in the intervening year, which just means that after building some of the walls and piers, other parts of the project took priority, probably in order to reroute DE 1 and some of the ramps to finish construction of the flyover.

A lot happened between 2012 and 2013, with most of the ramp approach and bridge in place by March. The future left merge from DE 1 NB into I-95 NB is taking shape in the median to my left.

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