D.C. Roads - Rock Creek Park

Rock Creek Park

Looking west along the Q St. overpass of Rock Creek Park and Parkway. Notice that the bridge is bowed to the south.

The Pennsylvania Ave. and M, P, and Q St. overpasses. The Q Street overpass is my favorite of all; it's reminiscent of a Roman aqueduct. Like on the Merritt Parkway in Connecticut, all of the bridges across Rock Creek Park are different.

One bridge you won't see on the SB side, because Waterside Dr. SB has a left merge in that direction.

Two more states, Massachusetts Ave. (last bridge on Rock Creek Pkwy.) and Connecticut Ave. (first bridge on Beach Dr.), and then up to Calvert St. As roads get higher, bridges get more impressive.

Tunnelling under the National Zoo, and thence to an error.

Beach Drive approaching Wyndale Road in Chevy Chase, MD. Indeed, the road is closed for foot/bicycle traffic at a parking lot at the state line, and I spent the next fifteen minutes criss-crossing Rock Creek Park to finally find the first entrance to the open section at Klingle Road. No, it's not named after Klis.

Structural scenery along Beach Dr. south of Klingle. The bridge is Connecticut Ave.

Winter scenery on Rock Creek Parkway, just south of where it begins at Beach Drive and 24th St. NW.

Massachusetts Ave. and Q St. overpasses.
Up onto Pennsylvania Ave.
Up onto Connecticut Ave.
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