D.C. Roads - Military Rd.

Military Road

Heading west from Beach Drive, some of the only button copy left in DC thanks to massive sign replacements along the Interstates. I have no idea why you need more detail than this, but if you like large photos, go ahead and click.

Turned around EB. This doesn't need to be all caps (the word "STREET" is the offender), and I really can't fathom why it's brown. If it has anything to do with Rock Creek Park, then why wasn't the CT Ave. sign brown?

I give you the stonework of the 16th St. overpass, the original sign gantry poles, and the omission of US 29 from the Georgia Ave. overhead. (Possible that the sign predates US 29's routing, more likely that it just copied an older sign.) Also, even though Military Rd. does lead to, and end at, GA Ave., it at no point is actually GA Ave., so how about "TO"?

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