D.C. Roads - DC 295

DC 295 doesn't turn into MD 295 right away; the Baltimore-Washington Parkway goes unnumbered when it's Federally maintained. Before I-95 was built between the DC and Baltimore Beltways, the entirety of the 295/B-W/295 highway was signed TO I-95 in both directions, and at that time the B-W Parkway may have been signed as MD 295 for continuity's sake. (It's still considered MD 295 by Maryland, but only for reference purposes.) Technically, the B-W Parkway follows US 50 from the Kenilworth Ave. Freeway to the DC line, meaning a tiny piece of the Kenilworth Ave. Freeway goes unsigned as MD 201 before becoming DC 295. (MD 201 follows Kenilworth Ave. to the north.)

Kenilworth Ave. SB, the frontage roads for DC 295, just south of the DC border where the route begins. Click on each photo for a closeup with flash.

Actually, I-295 doesn't begin here, southbound at the end of DC 295. I-295 comes in from the right, where it's coming from I-695 (the Southeast Freeway) via the 11th Street Bridge. The correct signage would read "END DC 295" "SOUTH I-295" (or just surreptitiously let people follow the new shield without announcing it).

A bunch more shields to tide you over, at the following merges: Pennsylvania Ave., Capitol St., Benning Rd.

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