D.C. Roads - Connecticut Ave.

Connecticut Avenue

SB across Klingle Valley. Isn't that a KKK position?

Rock Creek: less suspiciously named, and with lions and freedom birds!

Under Dupont Circle, but first CT Ave. crosses under Q St. There was 2006 construction on the northbound side that put two-way traffic on the SB lanes.

Around Dupont Circle, which has not been US 29 for decades upon decades. The US 29 signs point up and down New Hampshire Ave., which does indeed meet US 29 (along K St.) at Washington Circle to the southwest but doesn't do anything to the northeast, petering out and turning into Florida Ave. I walked all the way around, so now I know these are all of the US 29 shields to be found in the circle.

In 2010, I received word that the signs were finally coming down. However, DC managed to erect a new replacement in the scant time between my visit and these signs' elimination, captured courtesy Lou Corsaro. A more correct sign means nothing to me when the location is wrong.

Looking north along CT Avenue from Dupont Circle with a freshly paved underpass, then CT Ave. SB at the circle with another US 29 shield, and finally in the center of Dupont Circle. I zoomed out just far enough so that you can't see the, err, Romanesque detail of those fountain ladies.

Bonus views looking north and south from the ramps on either side of CT Ave., south at Dupont Circle and north at Q St.

Old signs hanging on at T St./Columbia Rd., first on the south side of CT Ave. and then on T St. WB.

Ride Connecticut Ave. under Dupont Circle (northbound)

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