D.C./MD Roads - Canal Rd./Clara Barton and Cabin John Pkwys.

Canal Rd. (DC), Clara Barton Pkwy., Cabin John Pkwy.

Canal Rd. begins in Georgetown where US 29 crosses the Potomac into Virginia. It's at the bottom of this westward photo.

The east end of the road has these unique signs where it meets the US 29 Whitehurst Freeway. US 29 uses the last block of Canal Rd. to loop around from the freeway's end to the Key Bridge.

Canal St. WB at Arizona Ave., an abandoned railroad truss that has been restored to carry the Capital Crescent Trail.

Heading southeast on the trail across Canal St. and the actual canal, the Chesapeake and Ohio. If you'd like to do the same, you can turn up Arizona and park on Potomac St. There's a steep but manageable trail straight down.

Facing east and west along the canal, which is now a National Historic Park.

Turned around facing northwest on the trail over the canal, with a different-looking truss across Canal St. (but they are mechanically linked).

Now into Maryland on Clara Barton Pkwy. (the change occurs at the border). This overpass is the WB lanes underneath the WB lanes - or more precisely, the actual WB lanes underneath the once-proposed ones. West of here, the Parkway is four divided lanes. To the east, it is but a two-lane road. That would have been the eastbound lanes, and this is the only evidence that there would have been a separate westbound carriageway. Some of the proposed WB right of way lies on the old railroad bed (west of the Capital Crescent Trail), and some would have been squished in by MacArthur Blvd., the surface street that runs parallel to the length of the Parkway. The Parkway does briefly open up to four lanes at a parking area in Brookmont, but then closes right back to two again with very little evidence of a stub.

Looking east at the stub and its overpass from the MacArthur Blvd. entrance. Here, although there are very wide shoulders on MacArthur, for some reason there is no parking anywhere in the vicinity. I was not willing to risk a citation.

Cabin John Pkwy., a short spur from Clara Barton Parkway that connects it to I-495 to the north, SB (from my NB side mirror) at the MacArthur Blvd. overpass and then MacArthur Blvd. EB at that overpass. The overpass I'm sure started out as two narrow lanes, but the compromise was made to have one wider lane and room to walk.

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