Connecticut Roads - Wire Mill Rd., Stamford

Wire Mill Road, Stamford

Most of Wire Mill Rd. is west of CT 137. I'm visiting the tiny dead end to the east. This decoration is on the northeast corner of those roads.

Here's why I'm on a dead end. This was a through street before Merritt Parkway came through and decided it was superior, and its bridge over the Rippowam River is testament to that.

This is the end of the EB alignment. Since the bridge is intact, I'm not sure what this wall is for, but it may have been a property fence for something taken by the Merritt.

For a brief period, the dead end and its bridge received new life with a northward access road from the east end into the forest. I can't tell what was up there, possibly an old building or archaeological site.

Back west across the bridge.

Looking south along the Rippowam, with CT 15 on the embankment in back.

Looking north from the riverbank at our bridge friend.

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