Connecticut Roads - US 7 - S. of Danbury

US 7 south of Danbury

Starting at West Ave. NB in Norwalk, and proceeding northward to the Exit 1 ramp.

More NB signs. The height of the supports for the Expressway Ends sign signals to me that they were designed to hold an Exit 4 advance sign (for Grist Mill Rd., the current end of the freeway). Exit 3 has a brief C-D road to allow CT 15 NB traffic to merge within the half-cloverleaf.

The complete SB signage run for the Norwalk freeway.

Coming to the NB freeway end at a gigantic stone wall, with a homemade double-arrow on top. If it seems unnatural, it is - it's a huge Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) wall that's designed to hold back megatons of dirt. Now, what's all that dirt doing there? The answer is coming in a future update, but suffice to say, the only reason to pile dirt 30-40 feet high on top of level ground is to compact it enough to build something on top of it. Think of what you might build at the end of a freeway stub, and if your answer is anything other than "freeway," you're not a roadgeek.

Grist Mill Rd. WB, pressed into service as US 7, at the same spot.

MA-style thin borders instead of CT-style thick ones, NB and SB respectively.

Unique old shields, SB leaving CT 102.

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