Connecticut Roads - US 7/202

US 7 and US 7/202

US 7 was originally intended to be a freeway up the western side of Connecticut, between I-684 and CT 8. Part of it was built through Norwalk, and more pieces were constructed leading into I-84 in Danbury, but resistance grew to the point that no further upgrades will likely ever be built. It's unfortunate that the freeway between at least 15 and 84, if not farther north, won't be built, as this is a high-traffic corridor.

This was likely on (old) US 7 NB exiting Norwalk, since that has the most plausible explanation for winding up in private hands and is 5 miles from Wilton. It definitely is now in a restaurant in North Carolina.

US 7 south of Danbury
US 7 (and 202), Danbury to Brookfield
US 7 (and 202) north of Brookfield

This is on Main St., old US 7 in Norwalk, northbound right before it becomes US 7 - no "TO" needed. Also no US 15 shield needed for CT 15, though much appreciated from a roadgeek point of view.

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Into Massachusetts on US 7
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US 7 freeway(s) on Steve Anderson's
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