Connecticut Roads - US 6, 6/44

and US 6/44

No, still US 6.

The western/northern beginning of the US 6/CT 25 duplex, taken in 1982 by Michael Summa. I'm sure that's a state-name I-84 shield, but the gem is the assembly of white distance signs facing CT 25 SB traffic turning onto US 6 WB.

Newtown Town Hall and the 1791 Newtown Meeting House, approaching a flagpole in the middle of the road that signifies town center.

As you can see in the background, this sign is at the eastern/southern intersection of US 6 and CT 25 (in Newtown). It's like a normal intersection, except with a pole in the middle, and all traffic must go around the pole (thus preventing simultaneous, opposing left turns). Thus it actually is technically a roundabout, with perhaps the smallest radius of all. See another view on the 25 page, linked at bottom.

Still in Newtown, back to 1982 again, because you sure won't see one of these nowadays. Again courtesy Michael Summa, since I wasn't born yet in 1982.

These are from opposite ends of the US 6/I-84 multiplex east of Danbury. The two highways are multiplexed multiple times, including a brief quadruplex with US 7 and US 202 in Danbury and running together for the length of Hartford. Notice the two styles of putting the US shield on the guide signage - I'm not sure which is newer.

The First Congregational Church in Woodbury at CT 317. Woodbury was once the start of a long Alt. US 6 alignment that followed what's now CT 64, Main St. in Waterbury, Meriden Rd. (still secret CT 844), CT 322, another Main St. in Meriden, and CT 66.

CT 109 is an east-west road. The older shields on the right side of US 6 EB are thus better in two regards.

At its farthest from I-84 in the western half of the state, US 6 enjoys a brief multiplex with CT 8. US 6 is only signed via a standalone shield - a "6 EAST" should accompany the "8 NORTH" on the LGS's. To see the multiplex, click the following links for CT 8 NB (Exit 39 BGS's) and CT 8 SB (Exit 38 BGS's).

WB at the other end of the multiplex, and the old US 6 EB out of Thomaston at that point.

An EB old alignment in Plymouth.

Turning sharp left west again from the end of the alignment, this cable guiderail must date from when the current alignment was built.

WB from Bristol to Terryville. It's a good thing there's no parking in Terryville, because who would want to park near that shield and get infected?

Notice the smaller numbers on the CT 69 shield, indicating that it's at least 15 years old. The large "6" in the second photo is also a sign of oldness. I assume the first photo is eastbound, because the second one is westbound.

EB, the 6 and 83 are in unusually small font, which is seen on a few somewhat older signs across CT (not terribly old, though).

Now on the WB side, after another small 83 shield, directly across from the above sign is a new RI-style 44 (white border) and old-style 6 (small font).

Less self-explanatory than you think. WB US 6/44 exit themself because back when I-384 was constructed, see, it was really I-84, and I-86 is what went up to Massachusetts. The main route out of Hartford was that old I-84 into US 6, around the Willimantic Bypass, then into RI, jogging on I-295 to the partially completed US 6 freeway into Providence. The main route to Providence is still that, but much more traffic uses current I-84 nowadays, because the freeway pieces never got joined. While it would have done wonders for traffic on I-95, imagine how much worse I-84 might be west of Hartford.

Eastbound on the freeway that continues from the end of I-384, i.e. same location as the westbound photos above. It deserves mentioning that US 6 and 44 multiplex more than once - twice in Connecticut, once in Rhode Island.

WB on the US 6 Willimantic Bypass, courtesy Doug Kerr.

EB at the eastern end of the Bypass. This is a stub that clearly wanted to continue, evidenced by the fact that the Bypass crosses under the surface US 6 in a trumpet, and there's a clearing continuing to the east.

WB at CT 203.

EB at CT 169.

Westbound signs in and around the brief US 6/CT 12 duplex.

More westbound signs, but east of those above. "To I-395 South" is actually the beginning of the Connecticut Turnpike, which joins I-395 at Exit 90 a couple of miles west. Therefore, the third photo is that same couple of miles west of the first two, at I-395 Exit 91. Danielson once had another Alt. US 6 on Westcott Rd. (still a state highway, secret CT 607), left over from original US 6 before the divided alignment that goes through the I-395 interchange.

One last time, back to 1982 and Michael Summa's photos. This is the eastern terminus of the CT Turnpike, and thus overhead on US 6 were Turnpike-standard square signs. Even though I-395 and I-95 are both now signed north-south, the Turnpike and the original directionality of 95 were east-west. Also of note is that CT 12 is on the overhead sign, because I-395 had not yet been constructed north into Massachusetts. Finally, although the Turnpike (no CT shown?) has two lanes, it has one arrow, and US 6 has one lane with two arrows. I guess I just don't get old signs.

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