Connecticut Roads - US 44

From Mike Traverse's personal collection.

If you enjoy pretty old signs too much, don't worry, you'll find one of those strange-font ugly old signs before too long.

Still westbound, continuing from the last photo above. US 7 used to follow CT 41 back when it was New England Interstate Route 4 (not the Interstates we know today), so that's a good reason for it to still be an ALT.

WB before the triplex begins with CT 183 NB straight ahead and CT 8 a short distance later. CT 8 SB is also straight ahead (next right), and there's no mention of US 44 West here. See triplex (and 183 duplex) photos on the CT 183 page via the big link at bottom. The 8 shield is more than a little vaguely MA-style.

EB then WB. Yeah, don't get out of your car here, even if it looks like a pretty creek with picnic tables (aka a State Recreation Area).

Connecticut merge sign, also seen on CT 4.

Filling in the next WB section of US 44, between US 202 and Hartford, and just showing off more shields.

WB exiting Hartford (and just west of the first photo atop this page), small digits means probably '80's vintage.

EB entering Hartford.

EB in the Hartford area, this original wooden I-84 shield has been replaced. I'd say "unfortunately," but the level of wear on this sign warranted the swap.

Market St. NB at US 44 EB, which is about to enter I-84 to cross the Connecticut River. I think a couple of signs on that pole are out of order. Or CTDOT needs another pole.

The first sign is Market St. NB now at US 44 WB, which just exited I-84 WB at Exit 50. The shield is at the bottom of that offramp.

Two rapid-fire sign assemblies (second one mildly edited for space constraints) on US 44 EB east of Market St (no, there aren't two lanes) as it rises up into I-84 and the Bulkeley Bridge, then quickly leaves on the other side.

This amazing button copy arrow is on the S-curve of Burnside Ave. in East Hartford by Martin Park. Click on the left half for a detail of how the steel frame in which the reflectors sit was trimmed, or on the right half for a detail of those mysterious breaks in the border.

Coming out of Martin Park. Looks like East Hartford is stuck in the '80's.

Simmons Rd. NB at Roberts St., to the southeast of the park, pointing the way straight toward US 44.


One way between Hartford and Providence is following I-84 to CT 74, to US 44, CT 101, and US 6 in Rhode Island. Un US 44 WB, where you would turn onto CT 74 WB toward Hartford, there is this assembly. Click on it for a closeup and you can see that the 74 is covering something.
This is, in fact, a US 44 shield. It's possible that the I-84 shield is covering an I-86 shield as well... can anyone go try to pry underneath it? Anyway, US 44 originally followed its present alignment to Hartford. While I-84 (then I-86) was being built, though, current US 44 west of CT 74 was US 44A and CT 74 was US 44 (which came down I-86 to rejoin the current roadway). Then, US 44 was un-rerouted, and on this one sign, evidence of this still exists.

This is a close look at that I-84 shield, which is definitely tacked over another shield! Huzzah!

WB signs approaching the above intersection. The fading 84 in the first photo was patched over by the one in the second photo.

My prayers were answered, in an unfortunate way. John Kleperis happened across this sign after it was taken out of service. Exactly as described above, the 74 was patched over a 44, the new (state-name) 84 was patched over the faded one, and the faded one WAS stuck over an I-86! It's interesting that the 86 isn't state-name, but the simultaneous mention with US 44 instantly identifies it as the one in Connecticut. Thanks, John!

A fairly old sign, on a CT standard mast arm. There are two of these flashing signs still standing near a traffic light, one in each direction.

Old EB shields.

These photos are of an old alignment of US 44, which once was the Middle Post Road (the Boston Post Road split in three; the lower is now US 1). There are many such alignments preserved along the route.

The devil's font on Church St. SB at US 44 in Putnam. The hospital may be to the right, but I-395 is to the left. Another arrow would be nice, but not having this shield here would be even nicer.

EB across the Quinebaug River to Kennedy Dr., still in Putnam, only slightly better.

And back across the river WB.

State 44 shields abound in Putnam.

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