Connecticut Roads - US 202/6/44/CT 10

and US 202/CT 10

You can't see that this sign on US 6/202 EB is for I-84 West, but you can see the control destination of N.Y. State.

Old US 6/202 in Danbury, West St., WB leaving town to where US 6/202 come down off I-84 and resume their surface route march. I guess the I-84 EB sign went up before US 6/202 were pulled out of Danbury.

The famous cutouts, near Exit 3 of I-84, on what was once Old Kenosia Road, unfortunately gone now - the renaming of the road for Christopher Columbus killed them. Oh, yeah, they were older than I-84. Thanks to Doug Kerr for capturing them in their old age.

To add insult to injury, Kenosia Road's end at US 6/202 has these abominations (not the tasteful I-84, the others).

WB at US 7 Exit 12 in Brookfield. The left lane widens into two lanes that both turn, so the left half of this sign is inaccurate. Also, it shouldn't use NJ-style shields on a LGS.

US 202 EB at the end of the northern US 7 freeway before it was recently extended. US 7 NB is signed straight ahead, but that was intended to be for a NB onramp with a completed diamond interchange. Because the old signs were removed when US 7 was extended, I put the WB photo on the US 7 page since that's where all the US 202/7 photos are.

EB from New Preston to Torrington.

WB in the same area. The 2nd and 3rd photos are the top and bottom of the same assembly.

EB signage from the US 202/CT 4 multiplex.

WB signage from the US 202/US 44 multiplex, including small-font shields such as the 167's that tell you they have two directions but fail to specify which is which. Why not just put SOUTH on the left, NORTH on the right, and give the extra shield to a roadgeek? Incidentally, that JUNCTION sign is way off base - this sign is on both of those routes, and signage should more clearly establish that what one is approaching is the split between them.

Apparently trying to respond to my criticism, this sign is new in 2007 (or maybe 2006), in the location of the second photo above. It does take US 44 out of the picture, but you still can't junction the route you're on. In my opinion, it should be an assembly with WEST 202 and SOUTH 179 to the left (and a "keep left" or "next left" sign), and WEST 44 and NORTH 179 to the right (and a "keep right" or "next right" sign).

US 202 EB leaves US 44 and US 202 NB joins CT 10.

SB through Simsbury and looking at scenery to the east.

US 202/CT 10 NB and SB, respectively. Notice three different types of shields in the first photo. Older shields, at that - even the ugly Helvetica ones. This four-route intersection (really three, as 202/10 stay together the whole time) is a six-legged spider with CT 189 hitching rides to keep it simple.

I-84/US 6 EB and US 202 EB
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