Connecticut Roads - CT 9/I-84/US 6 stack (proposed I-291)

CT 9/I-84/US 6 stack interchange
Proposed I-291/I-84 stack

Had I-291 been completed (see the I-291 main page link at the bottom of this page for some history), it would have run south and west from its current end to this interchange. CT 9 uses half of the stack, leaving the second level (which would have been I-291) completely deserted, and leaving one ramp unopened on each of the third and fourth levels. Both mainlines and all four unopened ramps (the SB offramps and NB onramps) are paved, with retaining walls and guiderails installed. Where the ramps meet the mainline, just south of Tunxis Rd./Middle Rd., is where the pavement ends. There appears to be some embankment built to the north of Tunxis/Middle Rd. (the name changes right in this area), but no real trace of I-291 appears there.

Looking up the NB onramp; in the background, you can see where on the left the I-84 WB ramp would have merged into the I-84 EB ramp. Sometimes, the gate on the I-84 WB-CT 9 SB ramp is left open, and it would theoretically be possible to drive onto I-291. I did not do this, and would not recommend it, because when the gate is open it's probable that there are DOT and/or police vehicles somewhere down the ramp. I didn't mention US 6 (and omit it in I-84 references throughout this interchange's pages), but neither does ConnDOT whenever it's on I-84.

Photos from South Road and SB-EB flyover ramp overpasses
Photos from the NB and SB lanes

Sneak preview: looking westward underneath the South Rd. overpass. The would-be northbound lanes are in the foreground, and the southbound lanes in the background, all paved in concrete.

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