Connecticut Roads - Fairfield West, I-95

Fairfield West service area, I-95

The old sign hints at the age of things to be found within.

To the right is the US 7 corridor, with the freeway fully laid out from Norwalk to Danbury. The problem with this picture is that only a small piece of it was built, and the rest discarded, almost 20 years ago. Read up on that on my US 7 page, linked at bottom. Clearly though, the wall map in Fairfield West won't help modern-day travelers.

The proposed CT 72 freeway extension, which would have taken traffic off of Bristol's surface roads.

CT 9 before it was completed. There are two unbuilt segments, at the top left and bottom. CT 72 followed what is now CT 9 southward to US 5/CT 15, at which point it went southeast on a surface road (bottom center). CT 9 only began at I-91, at the bottom right corner.

The CT 34 freeway would have continued westward from the current New Haven freeway stub that now just serves as a city access ramp from I-95.

Before I-291 was complete to I-91, it was only CT 291 across the Connecticut River. The Interstate shield is on a roadway not yet open to traffic (as of the time of the map, of course), and there is no plan for the I-91 connection, which obviously happened eventually. Also note that I-384, which was to have been I-84 to Hartford, does not yet connect with its parent highway either (bottom right).

The last interesting piece of the map is the proposed CT 11 freeway completion. This early plan took the freeway straight into I-395 north of I-95, but later plans take it right to the junction of those two routes. Visit Steve Anderson's for more information.

But wait, that's not all! The service area expanded greatly, adding new vendors and giving them a larger, more open space. This left an original tiny McDonalds counter in a corner of the building. Rather than convert it for use as part of the small gift shop, it remains behind large windows as almost a tourist attraction.

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