Connecticut Roads - Milford Pkwy.

Milford Parkway, unsigned CT 796

The Milford Parkway isn't something most people have heard of. Most people in the Milford area would know of it as "To Route 15" or "To I-95," because that's how it's signed. In actuality, it runs between CT 15 and US 1, and its junction with 15 separates the latter into the Merritt and Wilbur Cross Parkways. I-95 cannot get to 1 at this interchange, though the reverse is allowed.

NB Milford Parkway to SB CT 15 takes a very long (about 1/2 mile) loop to the north and east. It's so long that it has an exit for the road that's Exit 55 on CT 15 - Exit 54 is the Milford Parkway.
Oh, and the first two signs are in fact different.

All southbound.

US 1
CT 15
Milford Pkwy. on Steven Anderson's
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