Connecticut Roads - I-95 SB - 3

I-95 SB, Exits 26-2

I don't have a modern button copy sign for the Exit 16 advance, so I threw in a 1970 Michael Summa CT Turnpike sign. With square corners, slanted text, and an exit number in the middle of the sign, not to mention round-topped gantry poles, the Turnpike did things a lot differently than the rest of the state.

Off the SB Exit 11 ramp in 1974, courtesy Michael Summa, back when all of these signs were still quite old but at least in reasonable abundance, having not yet been replaced wholesale. The top and bottom signs are the original aluminum signs that came with the Turnpike, and the US 1 shield looks pretty original too. The Rowayton sign looks older on its wood background but is actually newer, as is the steel RR sign above - notice that neither of them quite match the other signs in letter spacing/size or arrows. Also notice the double-arrow sign, which was dropped from the MUTCD since then in favor of the rectangle with longer arrows.

That's what traffic out of New York City on a Friday afternoon looks like. On this particular day, there was a 7-mile southbound backup into the George Washington Bridge, as well. Oh, what a few missing highways (and lanes) will do.

How not to get a ride back from the airport: "Hey, Cabbie? Can you go to Mianus?"

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