Connecticut Roads - I-95 SB - 2

I-95 SB, Exits 48-27

The last photo is on Sargent Dr. SB. The first two are courtesy Mike Byrnes.

Second and fourth photos courtesy Mike Byrnes. The first gantry ended up borrowing the Exit 46 sign from the previous run thanks to ongoing construction that slightly relocated the offramp (and probably took down the former gantry). Click the first photo to see the two signs together in the new condition, courtesy Mike Byrnes.

The NARROW RAMP is not a general warning, but a timely construction sign that has since been returned to Nature.

Exit 38 is actually the Milford Parkway, a short connector from US 1 to CT 15 (though traffic can't get from I-95 to 1, which is okay because every other exit will get you there anyway). The Merritt and W(ilbur) Cross P(ar)kw(a)ys both begin from the Milford, running west and north respectively, but CT 15 doesn't change directions.

The last photo, courtesy Michael Summa, dates to 1970. Notice how the Turnpike slanted the advance warning text, for NEXT RIGHT. Also, exits got down arrows instead of up arrows.

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