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Exit 49 and east

Starting at the state line. In the third photo, you can see more of that weird font that I was talking about with the NB BGS that's about in the same location on the other side (link at bottom).

Yeah, that's a whole lot of hullaballoo, but... Best Truck Route to What? Same problem I have on the NB side - forget the highway name, tell people where it's going.

I'm guessing this is off Exit 86, but I really have no idea, since this is another Doug Kerr contribution. In order to mention US 1 together with I-95, as well as New London, it must be in Groton and near the bridge where US 1 and I-95 merge to cross the Thames River.

In the last two photos, the Exit 84 ramp splits.

For photos off of the Exit 83 frontage road, visit the US 1 page (link below).

Take a good look at that photo, kiddies. On the SB Exit 56 ramp, you see what may be Connecticut's only CT 1 shield. I was going to make a joke, and then realized that in fact, no nearby state with a square shield has an SR 1 - US 1 covers the entire Northeast, pretty much.

2nd photo courtesy Mike Byrnes, and the obviously interloping 4th photo courtesy Michael Summa and dating to 1977. That's toward the late end of how long original Turnpike signage survived with its signature pointed corners (other CT signage always had rounded borders).

Construction in East Haven, with both directions of the highway crowded into the southbound sides of the overpasses. When all is done, there will be three roomy lanes in each direction.

Courtesy Michael Summa from 1977, showing off more original Turnpike signage and round-topped gantry poles. You can see a more modern gantry in the background with modern ConnDOT signage, and the old wording of the sign in the lower right hand corner (bridges now freeze before the road surface instead of the pavement).

I-91/I-95/CT 34 interchange construction
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